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There are several programming languages that are currently in use all over the world for developing different type of application for different platforms. One of such prominent programming language is Delphi programming language. Delphi programming language has been around since 1995 and is still widely used by a number of programmers and programming organizations. The application got its name, which has being sustained since its inception, from the Delphi oracle. Delphi is built on Object Pascal programming language. Coding for Delphi is therefore done in Pascal.

Delphi is a rapid application design programming language that can easily be used for creating applications. Over 20 versions of the programming language have being created, with the new version being an improvement of the previous version and having a high level of backward compatibility. The latest version, which is the Embarcadero Delphi Berlin 10.1, comes in 4 different editions.

Delphi programming language offers the opportunity to program in high level for a number of platforms including Android, iOS and Windows, which are among the topmost operating system for computers and smartphone presently. The applications can be programmed through a GUI interface for the programming language. The GUI interface makes it easy to write application, compared to most other programming languages where only text based programming is supported. For those who prefer pure text based programming however, it is also possible to code for Delphi, using a console.

Another major part of the Delphi programming language is it’s used in web development. Delphi is majorly used for connecting to database during web development. Several components for database are included in its VCL including database access and database-aware components.

Delphi has a number of related software. The related software include Lazarus and free Pascal, Delphi Prism, Delphi for PHP or RadPHP, JBuilder, InterBase and RAD Studio. It also has a lot of third part libraries available, some of which include mORMot, Quadruple D, Bold for Delphi, OpenWire, Teechart, FastCode and Project JEDI.

Delphi programming language continues to be popular today due to a number of reasons. First, the programming language is very easy to use. The GUI interface available for the programming language implies that it can be easily and quickly utilized for creating software. All that is required of the software developer is just dragging required objects to a form, changing the properties of the objects and writing minor codes where necessary. This makes Delphi programming language one of the fastest language for developing software.

The fact that Delphi offers cross platform compatibility is also another strength of the programming language. It is possible for an individual to write a code, and the same code will be compiled for Android Operating System, iOS and Windows Operating system.

The programming language also has several third party libraries that have being developed by third party entities. The third party libraries makes the software easier to use and also enhances the functionality.

Delphi programming language is therefore a very great programming language, which is easy to learn and use.