Check Out The Top Programming Languages To Learn In 2018

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When it comes to technological and business innovation, staying on top is one of the most significant things. Moreover, it can sometimes be a hard nut to crack when it comes to deciding the best programming language to use for your project, especially at the initial development phase. However, with sufficient knowledge about the programming languages, it will just be a walk in the park. On that note, let’s look at some of the top programming languages to learn in 2018.

1. Swift
One of the most popular programming language in recent times more than even Objective-C. Swift Programming language is basically a native programming language for developing Mac OS iOS apps. It’s essentially one of language that is speculated to be reshaping the future of most businesses and technology at large. Swift was highly influenced by Python and Ruby programing language and it’s mainly considered fun to use and user-friendly. This is an Apple-developed language for its iOS. Therefore, if your niche is working with Apple products, this is the language you need to invest in.

programming2. Ruby
Ruby is an object-oriented and general purpose programming language that was started in the year 1993. It’s generally one of the fastest growing programming languages and with the highest demand than even Python. Ruby programming language is easy to use language that can create you an app with just less than 10 minutes. Some of the major products that are coded in Ruby include Bloomberg, Groupon, Pxlr, and Airbnb. Most of the high-end websites need the Ruby programming language for maintenance of their code databases. Recently, the demand for Ruby programming language is increasing so that efficiency and reliability can be ensured in servers that run sites with high traffic.

3. PHP
One of the most widely used programming language. Expert information indicates that the top 10 million websites across the globe use PHP in one way or another. Just to mention a few, Wikipedia and Facebook are major examples of websites that have used PHP. The language actually boasts a lot of flexibility in solving major problems and importantly doesn’t need science rocket for you to build features using PHP. Some of the major uses of PHP programing language is in content management systems or rather in the freelancing capacity. The server-side scripting language forms the basis of Facebook and WordPress.

PHP Work Example – Bratty Sis

Bratty Sis - PHP Success?
Bratty Sis – PHP Success? For sure!

There is an interesting example of adult work related to PHP. As you might know (or not), many people claim PHP to be old-school language, not living up to the standards of technology today. If WordPress or Facebook don’t make these people change their mind about this language, what would they say about Bratty Sis success. This adult website has been acclaimed for being the perfectly executed project, where user experience is top notch. And guess what – it’s 100% wordpress done.

Bratty Sis (link to videos) is adult website with family fantasy taboo aspect. All about self-centered sisters that get what they want, when they want. And what they get in the end is their step-brother’s attention. It’s perfect example of how PHP can cope with any other programming languages in 2018.

4. C++
C++ was created as an alternative language for C in the year 1983. The language is known to be featuring predefined classes besides the classes a programmer might already be using. The most popular objects that have been created by C++ are Google Chrome and Microsoft Windows. A good number of Amazon and Adobe websites are known to have been created out of C++. The language remains very relevant is the industry because it’s used in numerous sectors such as finance, Electronic banking, Retail, Electronic banking and many more. C++ is an ideal language that can enable you to code commercial software, games, and apps with a lot of ease.

The above-discussed programming languages are undoubtedly the top languages that you ought to learn in 2018. From the expert information, we think that as a programmer or rather developers these are the languages to pay attention in since they are very powerful tools that are adaptable in various sectors.